In the height of this magnificent week, I’ve seen something spectacular. My book, Where We Are, reached number 2 on the Amazon list for Christian literature.

While I aspire to reach number 1, you can’t complain about being number 2, especially in a market that is as saturated as a pound of butter. Which, to be honest, I don’t really know if it makes sense. I’m also far too lazy to google. I also just had a big unhealthy breakfast that is buckling down on my limitations to be full of energy.

I also attended the HopeWords conference in Bluefield, Virginia this past weekend. While sharpening my writing skills, spending time with friends and family and worshipping God, I heard something incredible. Dr. Karen Swallow Prior, who wrote On Reading Well, said that words give life and words destroy life.

It hit me then, like a sack of bricks. My purpose. My journey. My only reason for writing: to give hope.

Even in my Enaya series, I aim to give hope. In Where We Are, I desire to give hope.

Why hope?

Hope gives us a purpose; whether we hope for a better tomorrow or hope to get a new job, car, house, to have kids, to get married, to learn a new skill, to lose weight, gain weight, read ten books, read one book, to read, write, sing and dance—hope gives us meaning.

Without hope, what would we have to work towards?

So, be the best you! Go out there and be full of hope and inspire somebody else to be full of hope also.

And remember, your words can give life or destroy it.